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Effortlessly Manage a Major Risk to your Business with Outsourced Managed Internet Security. 

Why managed IT security services should be top of the small businesses "must-haves" for success...and survival.)

 While running a small business you face the need for services and skills too complex or time consuming to tackle yourself. You have trusted advisors to help maintain and grow your business, whether they be lawyers, accountants, business coaches, or promotion agencies.

Cybercriminals are targeting small businesses because their defenses are no match for new and continually evolving hacking techniques.  With 61% of small businesses hit with some form of cybercrime attack in 2017, and with this statistic getting higher by the minute, why would you attempt to tackle such a vital task as Internet Security on your own?

Cybercriminals don’t discriminate between large and small business, recognizing that even the simplest network has got the "juice" they can squeeze. They are looking for opportunities on a mass scale, scanning the globe for vulnerabilities. Their hacker software will not skip over you just because you have less than 20 employees. Just ask the Fazio Mechanical Services, Target's HVAC supplier who was compromised in November of 2013. (We know the rest.)

Internet crime is multi-layered, inventive and persistent, blending multiple methods to get past your defenses and stealing your assets. Viruses and other malware spread across networks through a variety of agents— laptops, desktops, e-mail, Web applications, instant messaging mobile phones and PDAs. In 2017, it is estimated that the profits from cybercrime were equal to the GDP of Australia. If you count the damages to businesses and consumers, the Nation State of Hacking would have the sixth-largest economy in the world, edging out Japan.

And with the average cost of a breach for a small business involving data loss or ransomware running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, business owners must ask themselves, can I afford to take the hit?

And, as the various experts say, you may already be hacked. You just don't know it yet.

The fact is, if you’re not an expert, it’s hard to tell whether your network is secure or not. Most people whose computers have been turned into bots and linked to a botnet have no idea that their machines have been commandeered by cybercriminals. Their PCs send spam, steal information, and participate in denial-of-service attacks, or mine Bitcoin without any obvious sign. It takes time, skill and dedicated resources to understand where Internet dangers lurk.

Managed internet security services dramatically reduce your risk of being a victim of Cybercrime, with correct defense solutions, deployed correctly.  Outsourcing internet security also frees up time for core business activities, reduces costs and improves the bottom line. What small business owner has the time to manage spam updates, keep track of phishing scams, install security patches and make sure that none of their employees has accidentally downloaded a virus that is skimming funds from the corporate bank account? 

Another major driver for using managed security services is regulatory compliance. The regulatory environment is increasingly stringent, especially around securing customer data. Bringing in expert managed services will help with many of your compliance headaches. Retail, medical and professional data protection regulations such as PCI and HIPAA all insist on adequate IT defenses and enforcement in the form of stiff financial penalties can be devastating to the victim. Small businesses may even be able to save money on a Cybersecurity Insurance policy if they have outsourced their managed security to a certified and independently-audited MSSP. (Managed Security Service Provider.)

Managed security services provide a noninvasive approach to outsourcing certain parts of your business systems, providing skills and expertise, with support tailored to your business needs. As opposed to full-blown outsourcing, where the entire system is controlled by the supplier, managed services enable you to control key parts of the IT network. For the most part, these services are delivered remotely, with dedicated support available 24 x 7. 

This offers the best of both worlds - control and flexibility of your core information systems without either the pain or cost of developing specialist security skills.

Managed security allow organizations to focus on their core business. They save costs, time and resources, integrating and updating your security to keep pace with your network. As your Trusted Advisor, they are your "go-to" source for help in times of crisis and aelp you avoid the temptation to pay far too much for a quick fix in an emergency. 

Perhaps the most compelling argument of all?

They may even prevent you from going out-of-business.