Spam Filtering and Virus Scanning

With hackers targeting every connected device from cars to fridges, business owners have every reason to be worried. Many viruses are now able to bypass network defenses to infect and spread across every device in your organization. This can cause catastrophic disruption to your business. What’s more, some viruses are designed to run in the background, exposing confidential data or even making your company computer systems part of a botnet.


Now you can have easy, affordable, front-line protection with Secure Designs’ virus-scanning and spam-filtering service.


When was your last virus attack? 

Are you certain that your network is not hosting a virus? 

With SDI’s Email Virus Scanning Service you can be certain that viruses won’t get through your email system.


Our fully managed, dynamic virus-scanning system ensures that all email messages are scanned and cleared before they ever touch your mail server.


Are you relying on your desktop anti-virus to protect your company from myriad virus attacks?

Are you sure your desktop anti-virus is up-to-date, or even running?

With the SDI Email Virus Scanning Service we take the worry out of Internet email. Our anti-virus engines are updated every 3 hours on a staggered schedule. In addition, our front line scanners act as a preemptive filter, catching most viruses before they ever make it to our file scanners. And we scan both incoming and outgoing email to ensure that viruses don’t spread confidential information beyond your organization or cause you to infect clients or vendors.



  • No hardware or software to buy or install.

  • Supports any corporate email server.

  • Simply point your domain MX record to our scanners.

  • Supply us with the IP address for your corporate mail server.



  • 3 Powerful virus scanning engines

  • Subject/body white/black listing

  • Advanced reputation scanning

  • RBL Identification of known spammers

  • Message redirection

  • TaG-and-deliver

  • Language blocking

  • Proprietary body text scanning engine

  • Attachment management

  • Spam redirection

  • Web-based management tools

  • Store and forward service in case of an outage with your mail server or network

  • Outbound SMTP relaying

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