The ‘Internet of Insecure Things’, Ron Culler on This Week in Enterprise Tech

Ron Culler explains the ‘Internet of Insecure Things’ in an interview with This Week in Enterprise Tech, the popular web TV show hosted by tech industry veterans Robert Ballacer, Curtis Franklin and Brian Chee.

Small businesses as well as schools and other organizations that hold sensitive data are a prime target for cyber criminals because of their general lack of IT resources.

The Internet of Things (think anything from video cameras to thermostats) brings a new dimension of vulnerabilities to networks who are already facing new threats daily to existing perimeter security. In this video, Ron joins other security industry Illuminati and discusses dangers—including dealing with non-IT literate suppliers and ill-advised system connections—and provides direction on how to preemptively address issues to limit exposure.

Ron and Robert also discuss examples including the poor design that led to the infamous Jeep hack.