Radically new technology transcends and outperforms traditional SIEM solutions, delivering the functionality of a SOC at a fraction of the cost.


ADT-IQ IS  the "next-generation" adaptation to security information and event management (SIEM).  ADT-IQ extends traditional SIEM capabilities, providing continuous data analytics for statefully-aware assessment of the network security posture in real time. ADT-IQ offers  adaptive access,  recognition, and anticipation of malicious behavior - to neutralize threats in real time.

ADT-IQ goes beyond  traditional  "human-powered" SIEM solutions that rely on log data. ADT-IQ has patented feature engineering and anomaly detection algorithms that  dynamically defend without  the need  for pre-established rules. It combines the benefits of SIEM and MDR, and dramatically extends the "defense-in-depth" approach for businesses of all sizes, from the micro-SMB to Enterprise.

ADT-IQ is a service that brings the benefits of a fully-staffed Security Operation Center (SOC) at a fraction of the cost.


Download the ADT-IQ datasheet:

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