Erate's Managed Internal Broadband Services.

Erate's Category Two  option that helps schools become more secure  with outsourced Managed Security Services.

Stretching your Erate Category 2 budget with "Security-as-a-Service" that is 100% eligible.

​Today's complicated network infrastructure , as evidenced by 1:1 devices, electronic whiteboards, and other aspects of the electronic classroom,  require increasing focus and attention on the part of the IT department. The digital classroom is about improving student outcomes - in a specific way that best fits their situation and needs. Each school's unique approach should demand the fullest possible attention from their IT team to ensure that vision becomes a reality.



Outsourcing to full-time, highly certified security specialists becomes the best, most logical alternative.

Securing the network is a process of applying an increasingly more complex set of best practices and standards. Security specialists have the ability to leverage experience and incident response across many networks, and use that residual knowledge to build and maintain "cutting-edge" defenses and swift and accurate incident response.

It is more cost-effective from a time and personnel standpoint - and as USAC requires that equipment purchased through the program be kept for a minimum of five years, MIBS offers complete flexibility from year to year in equipment capabilities, keeping resources directly in line with needs, and producing savings on equipment costs.

MIBS allows outsourcing of Existing Equipment (which can mean equipment purchased in prior years, or equipment purchased in that same Erate fiscal year.) Or, Schools can contract for "Security-as-a-Service," which qualifies as "Leased Equipment."

In either scenario, the management fee is 100% eligible, and can cover a wide array of advanced services.

Outsourcing security to a Managed Security Service Provider, as an extension of capability, not as a replacement, allows school administrators to focus more attention and resources on their primary purpose--maximizing the effectiveness of the Electronic Classroom, and improving student outcomes.


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 MIBS Definition:

The FCC considers Managed Internal Broadband Services to be those which cover the 3rd party operation, management, and/or monitoring of a LAN or WLAN.  This new category of service can include managed Wi-Fi, installation, activation, maintenance, initial configuration and on-site training of eligible equipment.  In some arrangements, the applicant will sign a contract with a vendor who would own, manage, operate and maintain the network equipment; or, the applicant will own the equipment, but have a vendor manage it for them.

  • Firewalls and Firewall-related services

  • Wireless Access Points

  • Wireless Controllers

  • Routers

  • Switches

  • Antennas (must be integral to the LAN/WAN)

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