K-12 and the Schools and Libraries Program (Erate)

Securing the Digital Classroom

The Digital Classroom

K-12 schools and school districts are embracing technology as a classroom "enabler" as never before. One-to-one devices, digital  whiteboards, interactive textbooks, streaming video, and online shared applications are having a positive impact on student outcomes.

Network Capacity and Complexity

The electronic classroom is having another impact - networks must evolve to accommodate innovative learning methods. The Federal Government's Schools and Libraries Program, commonly known as "Erate," provides a means for schools to afford the type of network, and  network security they need.

The FCC's Schools and Libraries Program, aka "Erate."

Fortunately, a longstanding government program called "Erate" can help. Erate subsidizes the costs (up to 90%) of building a network to support the high bandwidth required for the digital classroom.

​The Emerging Solution of Choice: Outsourced Managed Security

Given the complexity of securing the K-12 network today, it is no surprise the the outsourcing of network security is increasing. Certified managed security professionals create custom solutions, implement them flawlessly, and offer ongoing management and support on a 24/7/365 basis. Outsourcing your network security to an outside firm is fully supported by Erate.

Our Role - and the Benefits We Provide

Secure Designs is your trusted advisor when it comes to network security needs in the K-12 environment. Our Erate subject matter experts can suggest how to use the program to lower your security costs, and recommend additional sources of information to guide you.

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