Hospice & Palliative CareCenter

Hospice & Palliative CareCenter adds email encryption to ensure patient privacy and HIPAA compliance. Secure mobile nursing force communications boost efficiency and patient comfort, leveraging the ‘red’ and ‘white’ elements of secure designs’ managed security suite.


Winston-Salem’s Hospice & Palliative CareCenter has expanded confidentiality and security by adding email encryption throughout their organization. Installed and managed by security specialist Secure Designs, Inc. (SDI), the security of the network allows clinicians to access electronic medical records in the field and provides the total organization secure email encryption. As a result, the CareCenter has been able to make substantial advances in patient satisfaction levels and achieve considerable savings.


 “Every day, every member of our 315-strong staff sends confidential information around our network, which is protected by the robust perimeter, remote network security systems that SDI installed,” said Troy Chappell, Network Administrator at the CareCenter. “We decided to add email encryption to enhance HIPAA compliance.”


The CareCenter provides care for some 500 terminally ill patients across 13 counties. The organization maintains close ties with local communities and offers grief counseling to any resident in the area, frequently working with children struggling to cope with bereavement. Currently the largest end of life care organization in North Carolina, it enjoys enormous community support and continues to expand. Chappell recently oversaw the build-out of a new 9,000 square foot administrative building and 8,000 square feet of new patient facilities, bringing the total number of beds to 40.


Integrated Security Solutions

SDI last year launched its ‘Red, White and Blue’ solution suite, a totally new concept in customized managed security for small and mid-sized organizations. SDI partnered with Backblaze and PGP for data backup, SonicWALL for network security and Zix Corporation (ZixCorp) for email encryption, to create a set of interconnected offerings that provide a great strategic fit for organizations such as the CareCenter where ease of use, affordability and minimal maintenance are key considerations.


Based on SonicWALL’s award-winning network security offerings, the SDI Red Solution provides a complete network perimeter defense plan, including firewall, unified threat management, Intrusion prevention, VPN, secure wireless and more, plus ongoing monitoring, management and reporting on the client’s security system. The White solution comprises comprehensive managed email encryption services from ZixCorp, while the Blue solution adds managed data backup solutions based on Backblaze and PGP offerings to the suite. The CareCenter has used SDI’s ‘Red’ perimeter security solution for almost three years “The network security solution also acts as a springboard for business innovations,” commented Ron Culler, CTO and co-founder of SDI. “In the case of the CareCenter, the perimeter security solution has enabled them to achieve substantial advances in patient satisfaction levels, time and costs, as well supporting the transition to electronic record-keeping.”


The integrated, layered nature of the Red, White and Blue offering meant that it was a simple matter for SDI to add email security (the White element) to the CareCenter’s network. Troy Chappell said, “The installation was fast and simple, and it was a great implementation. From our end, all we needed to do was adjust some software settings on our servers and train our users on what to expect. The system is excellent, since it encrypts automatically according to select criteria. More and more of our colleagues are using the same solution and the fact that there are 20 million-plus users out there makes it an even better choice.”


Secure Designs (SDI), has been Hospice CareCenter’s managed security services provider for more than seven years. Hospice undertook the email encryption installation as an add-on to its secure remote network. SDI monitors and manages the entire system from the SDI network operations center in Greensboro, NC.