First Partner Program

For resellers looking for a simple and effective way to profit from the SMB security services market, the First Partner Program is the answer. By combining exciting service offerings and generous commissions, Secure Designs makes it easy for resellers to become successful. As a reseller, now you can provide the most affordable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use Internet security solution to your clients and build your business and profits at the same time.


Our current list of first partners include the following:


  • Network integrators

  • Internet service providers

  • Computer software developers

  • Network cable companies

  • Computer service and repair organizations

  • Computer retailers

  • Telephone installation groups


Three Key Reasons to Become a First Partner


There are three reasons that the First Partner Program is the most powerful reseller program for managed security services:

  1. Easy to Sell. Managed security services solve security problems every small and mid-size company has, in a way that is simple to explain and easy to implement. Your clients have security needs, and as a First Partner you get the security experts at Secure Designs on your side.

  2. Generous Commissions. Commission schedules for First Partners are among the most lucrative available in the industry.

  3. A Trusted Partner. Your success determines our success. At Secure Designs we work with our First Partners to build your business in a way that helps you and your clients.


Secure Designs works closely with its First Partners to make the relationship successful. There is no upfront cost for qualified First Partners. You will find the First Partner program to be the simplest, most logical and most lucrative alliance available in the industry.


Here is an overview of benefits of being a First Partner:

  • No cost to join

  • Powerful graduated volume based commission structure with long term residual income

  • Provide your clients a low cost/high value Internet security solution, keeping your clients happy and allowing you to concentrate on building your core business

  • Assigned inside sales representative

  • Business development & marketing assistance

  • Web-based video conferencing support

  • MDF-market development funds based on sales activities

  • Plus, each First Partner receives their own virus scanning and spam filtering free and discounted pricing on their own managed security service for their company

Become a First Partner...and together we'll build your business.

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