Fast Food Chain

Helping a fast food chain improve productivity with managed internet security.


A fast food chain with 48 stores throughout the Southeastern United States planned to upgrade its Point of Sale (POS) systems and add broadband Internet-based credit card authorization.  To complete the upgrade, they also wanted to provide real time access to POS data from the stores as well as corporate intranet and secure remote access.  Scalability was a critical element in the system design, since the restaurateur planned to add more network-dependent applications, such as table side or kiosk order entry in the near future.


Concerned about security, affordability and efficiency, the organization called in Secure Designs (SDI) to help design a secure network to enhance their productivity.


The Solution:

SDI recommended implementing a managed security solution using SDI’s proprietary technology and infrastructure combined with SonicWALL unified threat management firewalls and Global Management System software. PRO Series firewalls, preconfigured with the comprehensive security suite (GAV/IPS/AS) and content filtering, were installed at corporate headquarters.  At each store, a TZ Series firewall  offering broadband to dial-up failover was installed to provide secure VPN tunnels  with backup capabilities back to the corporate offices.  


Having completed the installation, SDI was able to manage and monitor the SonicWALL Internet security appliances from their North Carolina network operations center using the SonicWALL GMS software, which provides a powerful, flexible and intuitive interface.   Using GMS, SDI was able to configure firewall settings, add or remove firewalls from the network, deploy VPN and incorporate threat prevention and content filtering updates with just a click of a button. Uniform reporting was provided to the customer on a weekly basis.  By providing continual insight into usage and security event information, SDI was able to implement continual improvements to threat defenses and productivity features, freeing up the customer's IT team to focus on other aspects of their network.


Benefits to Customer:

By implementing a totally managed solution the customer was able to shorten its install times at each store.  SDI provided preconfigured units for each location and the corporate office.  This solution was able to provide the secure access required at the stores along with providing secure access to the store POS systems by the customer’s POS vendor.  Having real time access to data and store networks has also enhanced the IT department’s ability to remotely manage the systems without needing to deploy technicians in the field.  With this implementation the customer was able to bring the remote restaurant locations closer into the corporate environment, providing email access, intranet access as well as updates.  By utilizing the SDI managed solution policy changes, updates and service monitoring were provided automatically, without the need for user intervention.  SDI also provided full warranty and spare replacement services to the customer. In the event of an equipment outage, a preconfigured unit was shipped to the location for immediate replacement.


The Outcome:

"Continuous uptime for our IPSec VPN tunnels was a big concern when we transitioned to broadband,” said the customer. "We had to know we could process our customer transactions even when there's the occasional disruption of service at one of our restaurants or offices. Should the primary broadband connection go down, the SonicWALL TZ devices fail over to an integrated analog modem. Once the broadband connection has been re-established the TZ 170 SPs detect the restored connection and automatically fail back, providing the best possible connectivity. With SDI  peace of mind."


"Today's POS systems provide many important new applications, but also raise new networking and security challenges," said Ron Culler, Vice President, CIO/COO at Secure Designs. "SDI has developed proven systems based on SonicWALL technology to help retailers provide the security and reliability that next-generation POS systems require."