Premium Email Protection

High-Performance, Highly Scalable Email Security. Now with advanced cloud-based sandboxing by CAPTURE from Sonicwall.

SDI's Premium Email Security - powered by SonicWall's Capture cloud-based multi-engine sandboxing - delivers the protection your business needs now from malware and ransomware.

  • Premium Email Protection from Secure Designs is powered by SonicWall's Security technology, which leverages over 10,000 customer installations and over 2 million mailboxes that continuously gather and share intelligence on emerging email threats.

  •  SDI's Premium Email Security with Capture adds multiple settings of anti-spoofing, pattern recognition, and reputation-based filtering to block phishing attacks, business email compromises and scams.

  • Capture will block, on average, 8-10 new variants of malware (including ransomware) within a single year (based on a SonicWall internal study).

The addition of Capture comes at no additional cost, on top of an already robust, industry-leading email security solution.


Offering outstanding performance value and ultimate scalability, Secure Designs’ Premium Email Security service delivers highly effective, responsive protection that streamlines administrative overhead. Scanning both inbound and outbound traffic, Premium Email Security boosts productivity by stopping spam, viruses, and phishing; and supports regulatory compliance by preventing leaks of confidential data.


Rapid Installation and Ease-of-Management

The SDI Premium Email Security service dramatically reduces the burden on IT departments of implementing, troubleshooting, and managing a comprehensive email security solution. Robust reporting including information on attack types, solution effectiveness, and built-in performance monitoring keeps you up to date on all email security issues.


Features and Benefits at a Glance

  • SeamlessLDAP integration

  • Global policy management

  • Rich HTML reporting

  • DHA, DOS & Botnet protection

  • Advanced end user-based spam controls

  • Automatic spam and antivirus updates

  • Content analysis

  • Attachment control

  • Advanced reputation management

  • Inbound and outbound policy control

  • Language control (i.e. block all Chinese text)

  • Scalable to any number of users