6 Critical Points of Healthcare Security

By Ron Culler, CTO, Secure Designs Inc.

My Must-Read Book: Blue Ocean Strategy

By Larry Cecchini, President and CEO, Secure Designs Inc.

Don’t be a Target!

Target credit card breach a drop in the ocean compared to small business data loss.

By Ron Culler, CTO, Secure Designs Inc.

Point of Sale Breaches 

Why do we insist on making them so easy?

By Ron Culler, CTO and Co-Founder, Secure Designs Inc.

Payless Grocers Taps Single Vendor to Manage Security, PCI Compliance

Can Someone Do That For Me? 

Why managed IT security services should be top of the small businesses wish list

By Ron Culler, CTO, Secure Designs Inc.

Why A Hybrid Model Makes Sense For Managed Security Services

By Reeve Samson, CIO, Secure Designs Inc.

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