Secure Designs Offers the Most Comprehensive, Robust and Affordable Security Solutions in the World.  MSS that have been Strategically and Synergistically Vertically Built to Fulfill Any Size Organization’s Proprietary, Sensitive Information, and Regulatory Needs.

“As a marketing driven high technology company, we continually discover, analyze and assess a wide range of small and midsize organizational Internet security needs. Our technology team builds unprecedented systems that not only fulfill these needs but enable the services to be delivered at a “Value Innovation” price point. It’s our company’s key point of difference in the marketplace and our corporate culture to be relentless in this pursuit.”

Larry Cecchini
Chief Operations Officer

Now Any Organization Can Choose the Level of Internet Security That Is Right For Them Without Worrying About Cost

The SDI Red Solution:A Complete Network Perimeter Defense Plan Managed 24x7 by a Team of Experts

Conceptualized, developed and commercialized on the “Value Innovation” that even the smallest organizations need Internet security designed and managed by security experts, the SDI Red Solution offers a truly affordable multi-dimensional and multi-layered plan that is executed and managed 24x7. Now the smallest concerns can protect their networks from hackers, vandals and thieves and have the peace of mind that their future is secure while connected to the World Wide Web.

The SDI White Solution: Employs the SDI Red Solution as a Foundation and Includes a Secure Communications Plan

The SDI White Solution builds on the Red Solution and provides the added safety of state of the art email encryption with read, reply, compose and save capabilities for recipients, business partners, customers and patients that achieves regulatory compliance in a wide range of professions and industries. SDI in conjunction with it partner Zix Corporation offers custom branded portals for larger organizations and a hosted solution for small companies without an email server.

The SDI Blue Solution: Combines All the Services of the White Solution and Employs a Powerful Data Integrity Plan

The SDI Blue Solution is the most robust of all service bundles offered by Secure Designs. Utilizing the SDI White Solution as its foundation The Blue Solution provides hard disk encryption for all company laptops and PCs and engages complete data backup services for those computers whenever they are connected to the Internet.

Email Spam Filtering, Virus Scanning, Email Encryption, Disk Encryption, Continuous Data Back Services Are Also Offered as Stand Alone Managed Security Services SDI Red, White and Blue Solutions have introduced a new standard of excellence that provides “Fortune 500 Level Security For The Fortune 5 Million.”*

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∗ If your organization has less than 100 employees it is a member of the Fortune 5 Million