Increasing Performance and Reducing Costs at Multi-Office Real Estate Firm

Replacing frame relay system with firewalls and VPN connections

A growing real estate brokerage company with eight branch locations needed to improve their network connectivity and operations. The existing private line connection system had high monthly costs, slow transmission speeds, and changes required long lead-times working with the phone company. Facing significant costs and impractical delays, the management team called on Secure Designs to help.


Secure Designs demonstrated to the real estate company how they could significantly increase network performance, enhance Internet security, provide for future growth and save money at the same time by replacing the old network connections with managed security services.

Secure Designs designed and implemented a phased network conversion plan that transitioned the organization from the cumbersome system to a state-of-the-art managed security network, using local high speed Internet connections, network firewalls from SonicWALL, and branch location VPNs. This resulted in the following network configuration:

  • Main Office: Secure Designs Firelan® DMZ Service with firewall protecting the company’s websites
  • Two Largest Branch Offices: Firelan® Standard Service with SonicWALL firewall at each office
  • Five Smaller Branches: Firelan® SOHO Service with SonicWALL firewall at each office.
  • Connecting all locations: VPNs over high-speed Internet connections.

Added Value

The Secure Designs managed security service package provided further value-added services at no additional cost. Services include email virus scanning, content filtering to regulate web access, web-based reporting, 24x7 monitoring of the secure network, plus expert technical support and customer service from Secure Designs.

SonicWALL appliances make security and connectivity simple, affordable and easy to manage for this real estate firm


Secure Designs’ system implementation and managed security services enabled the real estate company to reduce network operating costs by 50%. The company benefited from a 20-fold increase in branch office connectivity speeds, going from 56-64K to 1.5-2.0 MB. The system is designed to accommodate future growth with simple, cost-effective upgrades.


Real estate companies with branch offices can leverage significant cost savings by using simple, affordable managed security services to speed and protect their communications. Secure Designs makes business connectivity simple, secure and affordable.

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